Split Rock


The Mojave Desert is home to many mysteries and folklore, but none more mysterious than the legend of GIANT ROCK. The 25,000 ton, 7 stories high, granite stone sits in a desolate area not far from the world famous Integratron and Joshua Tree National Park.

It was once considered sacred grounds to the Native Americans, underground living quarters for one hopeful miner and home for a family of five, who lived and worked to achieve the dreams of their father.

Presently, the rock is on public land and is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). With resources scarce, government agencies find it hard to keep up with the weekly dumping of garbage, illegal shooting of fire arms and the endless vulgar tagging inflicted on the area.

Over the years, people have been returning, tourists are visiting and with them is coming a new commitment to restore Giant Rock to its original grandeur. There are now people and organizations working to clean up and combat the atrocities that have taken place at this unique and historical site. However, for those of us on the front line it feels like a losing battle. That is why we are bringing the experience to you!

Our goal, through this website is to educate, preserve and promote the legend of Giant Rock. We intend to do this by sharing stories, photographs and videos of the past and present day. We hope to inspire you to help with the preservation of this lesser known historic site.


Giant Rock Project
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